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The Helderberg basin has become a sought-after area in the Western Capefor houses and other kinds of property. This is hardly surprising as it is perfectly situated between the False Bay coastline and verdant wine growing valleys. To make this location and its property even more desirable is the town of Somerset West.


Properties like houses for sale in and around Somerset West are in great demand. This thriving town provides a sophisticated lifestyle while retaining all the charm and character of a village. This is also evident in the houses for sale. A property here allows you to take full advantage of rural living close to long white beaches. Somerset West is a mere twenty five kilometres from the coastal resort town of Gordon’s Bay. Should you want to spend some time in the city then a forty minute drive takes you into the heart of the Mother City (Cape Town).


What Does Somerset West Offer Kids?


There can be no doubt Somerset West is an idyllic setting for family properties such as houses. An important part of living for any family is a location that offers enough activity for all family members. A first consideration when buying a property like houses for sale is schooling. In Somerset West, there are pre-primary, primary and high schools. A little further a field are even more schools. These schools are well established and considered as some of the best in the country.


Properties for sale located in a popular location like Somerset West is a good investment and especially houses. However, parents want their kids to be happy and occupied. Somerset West properties are inland but still near enough to the ocean for kids to enjoy local beach culture on a regular basis. Many young people from Somerset West become avid and experienced surfers. The beach is near enough for mom and dad to drop and fetch teens.


Not all kids want to surf and many of them opt for a completely different pastime. One that is easy to maintain in and around Somerset West is horse riding. Like surfing, this is an activity that kids become absorbed in. There are properties for sale situated near riding schools. Other properties for sale are smallholdings with houses that allow you to stable one or more of your own horses. The horsy set is a strong draw card for many young people.


A property like houses for sale in Somerset West is in demand due to a large part of the local community being made up of families. This results in your children having more than enough peers of all age groups to mix with. The family orientated community is also beneficial to stay-at-home moms who want to socialise with other moms.


Whether you want a property for sale as a permanent home or a holiday home your kids will enjoy leisurely and fun activities like strawberry picking and butterfly watching. They can get close up and personal by doing it all themselves. Both these activities can be experienced as they are very close to Somerset West.


It’s not every child who is able to fill a basket with fresh strawberries for home or have a multitude of butterflies gently ascend to tickle their senses. This can be your lifestyle if you find properties like family houses for sale in and around Somerset West to view.


What Does Somerset West Offer Adults?


No matter how much you want your kids to be happy, it is just as important for you to be content. You can achieve this by viewing houses and other properties in and around the area of Somerset West. The first step to getting the life you want for you and your family is to choose a property for sale that suits your requirements.


When you live in a town like Somerset West you have the assurance your kids go to good schools and have plenty of wholesome activities to keep them interested and occupied. However, it is also necessary for you to have an outlet for your free time so you can also live a balanced life.


There are many sporting and outdoor activities in the area. A good example is the number of nearby golf courses. Golfing is the number one sporting choice of many of the town’s inhabitants. They all agree it is a delight to play the game they love surrounded by impressive mountains, a vista of the ocean and the sound of indigenous birdsong. Not only can living in a Somerset West property easily allow you to take part in many different sports, but you can become a member of a club and enjoy the socialising. If you are a new property owner this is a good way to enter the social scene of Somerset West.


Properties for sale are to be found across the small suburbs that divide up the town of Somerset West. You have the option of choosing to view a property for sale in a section that suits you. You may want to live within walking or cycling distance of a school or you may want to be close to a house of worship or medical rooms. There are many reasons to choose houses in specific parts of Somerset West. Living in a property that is close to the amenities you regard as important can save you driving time. It also allows your kids to be more independent and this also applies to elderly parents who may be sharing a residential property with you.


Freeing yourself from taxiing the kids around means you have more time to enjoy living in Somerset West. This town has properties for sale that include many houses suitable for couples or families with kids. This is often due to people having to downscale or upscale. It is common for people doing this to sell their current properties in order to buy properties more suited to their changing needs. A good example would be couples whose kids have left home downsizing from spacious houses to townhouses. Often this is not an easy decision as the town’s inhabitants are usually very happy. They simply exchange their address for another one still in the area of Somerset West. There are also those who leave the town reluctantly due to reasons beyond their control.


Once you have found your property for sale you can begin to explore what Somerset West has to offer adults. You will soon realise there is no need to continually drive into Cape Town in order to maintain a social life. Somerset West may have the character and charm of a country village but it is just big enough to offer its inhabitants a variety of fun and sophisticated venues. Many commercial properties have been turned into speciality shops, cafes, pubs, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. There is more than enough on offer to keep you socially occupied and happy in Somerset West.


Are There Business and Employment Opportunities in Somerset West?


There are many reasons for wanting to buy houses in this part of the Cape. There are those who want their kids to grow up in a country town and others want their kids to have easy access to nearby Stellenbosch University while still living at home. Many retirees choose to live in these idyllic surroundings that also provide excellent medical care facilities.


Somerset West is a bustling town with many different businesses. These businesses offer employment to local residents. However, if it is your intention to live in one of the houses and also to have a nearby business in the area there are also many commercial properties for sale to look at. If you don’t want to invest in a commercial property there is a steady exchange of existing businesses.


Any prospective entrepreneur wants to know if Somerset West can sustain a business venture. There can be little doubt this town has the infrastructure and successful inhabitants to encourage business growth. The fact there is a demand for houses and other properties for sale in the area shows the town is flourishing.


A most important asset to business owners is the high number of visitors to Somerset West and the surrounds. Visitors regularly make the short trip from Cape Town to Somerset West. They come for day trips as well as longer stays.


The number and regularity of visitors to the area has encouraged many owners of houses and other properties to become bed and breakfast entrepreneurs. This is an important category of local business. It has also resulted in a demand for large houses to be turned into luxury establishments and also smaller houses to be turned into more homely establishments.


The bed and breakfast trade is the perfect way to buy houses, live in them and make an income. It cuts out the need to buy a separate business, start up an extra business or invest in a commercial property. However, you do have a choice of a variety of commercial properties for sale in a number of suburbs. They range from ice-cream kiosks to boutiques to market stalls to industrial workshops and much more.


Growing Interest in Somerset West


It is not only South Africans who are interested in houses and other properties for sale in Somerset West. There is a growing interest from international buyers. This interest was heightened by the influx of foreign visitors to South Africa due to the recent World Cup Soccer Tournament. International visitors were awed by the natural beauty and sophisticated lifestyle enjoyed by owners of houses and a variety of properties in and around the town. Many left the country eager to come back and buy a property.


Foreign visitors are worldly and well travelled and they know a good deal when they see it. South Africa is regarded as a current hot spot for investing in properties for sale. Many visitors greatly appreciated that Somerset West is well managed and planned. They also found the people to be friendly and the array of activities from horse riding to golfing to hiking to swimming to cycling and more was everything they wanted.


It is expected many will return with the intention of viewing houses and other properties in the hope of finding the perfect property for sale in Somerset West. It is only fair to mention South Africans are well aware of the charms of the country lifestyle provided by Somerset West. They are also aware of the town’s excellent situation as it is forty minutes from Cape Town, twenty minutes from the international airport, five minutes from the beach and less than ten minutes from Stellenbosch. The area is also surrounded by the oldest and most well established vineyards in the country.


The only reason not to want houses or other properties in Somerset West is due to a lack of properties for sale. This area is frequented by visitors throughout the year. In spring, the area is infused with the scent of blossoms. In summer, the majestic old oaks and other vegetation is clothed in green. In autumn, there is a riot of gold, rust and red. In winter, this area has a stark and brooding beauty.


Summer is on the way and already there are international property seekers enquiring about houses for sale. Estate agents all agree the best option for the country is for locals to invest in the properties for sale in Somerset West. Perhaps, it will be the admiration and appreciation for quality and high standards from international visitors that will enhance how magnificent Somerset West is. All it takes is some time spent viewing a particular property for sale or a number of properties for sale to know whether or not it is the lifestyle for you.


Somerset West is a location that is much more than just a town. You get modern houses amongst the charm of Cape Dutch and Cape Cottage styled properties. You see mounted riders on country paths and sleek cars down the main road. Historical wine cellars and rolling vineyards with boutique wineries are part of the culture of Somerset West. Yet, it is near enough to the mother city to stay hip and trendy.


If you are interested in a unique and priceless lifestyle then enquire about houses and other categories of properties for sale to ensure the perfect property isn’t snatched up this summer.